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Anna and the Moods

<--MYX Navajo Nation 6.29.08::

12.9 My new best mate

12.3 Congratulations to friends Serge and Bizab and Kigali Show on one million visits.

12.3 Off to Iceland for New Year's. I'm sure even though economy in toilet the locals will still whoop it up. Hope these two don't show!

6.27 Ever been to Tuba City on the Navajo Nation. Go now and see the MYX mural on the side of the community center – you can't miss it. Thx Leslie, Rich, Ian, CJ and Josette.

12.22 This year's I-SITE holiday offering may take the biscuit or hakarl in this case. Some nudity.

4.5 Having not been to a cricket match of any description saved it up for the World Cup in West Indies. England like the footer team, full of bravado but lacking in substance and tend to lose, just. Loved the rum and cokes, Coco Bay and Montserrat, of course.

3.16 New Gus Gus offering Forever full of great beats [I know I heard some of these in 83] and tunes. Buy the import with remixes.

2.6 Off to Iceland for Anna and the Moods Premiere and a little chilling.

12.22 I-SITE's annual holiday offering Worst Xmas Special ever? You decide..

10.26 I-SITE sponsoring upcoming PANMA Web 2.0 event at University of the Arts

9.10 Anna and the Moods complete. Sneak preview in Reykjavik with my mates at CAOZ. For those who don't know features Bjork, Terry Jones and Damon Albarn. Music by Julian Nott perfomed by Brodsky Quartet.

8.10 Didn't see any mist but did spend an hour with gorillas in the Virungas. Unbelievable experience.

8.4 38 hours to get to Rwanda from Philly! Presented on Web 2.0 at Creative Economy Conference in Kigali.

7.3 Only good think about WC was Baddiel and Skinner podcasts. Enjoy!

6.13 Have to say the official England WC song is crap. All the good ones including Hansen's Eyebrows can be enjoyed here.

5.6 Last year John Peel, this year Grant McLennan of the Go-Betweens. Cheers for the quiet heart :)

5.1 Soufriere just barks, thankfully. Of course the new ash will make the villa gardens even more beautiful.

4.8 So what's all the fuss about Cannes then. At MIPTV waving the Icelandic animation flag.

1.7 So tough guy Quentin Tarantino can't handle his Brennivin. Oh and by the way mate... you bollocks you didn't discover Iceland.

12.19 Happy ****stivus from I-SITE.

10.25 Culture Trek Costa Rica now showing on WYBE. Even a couple of crossy peeks.

19.6 Returned from Isla De Chira, Costa Rica. Helped paint a community mural with MYX. Click here for some pics.

15.4 Finallly folks can find out who really makes it happen while I sun myself. Kudos to Josette.

20.11 Iceland on the box -- Amazing Race on CBS. Had to put my 2 krona in -- see 'smother your body in rotten eggs'.

2.11 JOHN PEEL R.I.P. :-((

6:6: Managed to get pole position for the Pixies 2nd night in Iceland and snap one through the haze. Played all of Come on Pilgrim -- need say no more to other geezers who were there in 86!

6:5: Yes 40 is the new 30 as I'm about to find out. Cheers to all those choosing to celebrate with me at Jacks and in Iceland with pixies.

Hanging in at no. 3 on the Ian Cross Google charts but that Philly-based Janet Jackson producer is up from no. 20.

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